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Hello? Is this thing on? February 26, 2009

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Despite my vow never to blog, Kate has set up this really great way for me to show everyone how big my wife is getting. 🙂 Thanks, Kate! elise-bump-picture-2-26-09 I should also mention that today was the first time I was 100% sure I felt Mochi move. I had my hand on Elise’s belly, and Mochi must have pushed her hand, foot, elbow, knee, or forked tail out at the right moment. Really cool.


Hello!!! February 22, 2009

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Chris and Elise are getting ready for their new baby girl!  Elise’s bump has been growing (see pictures below) and they are getting everything ready for their new little mochi.  What is a Mochi you ask?  Here is the Wikipedia answer:

Mochi (Japanese: ) is a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice pounded into paste and molded into shape.

So “Mochi” is the nickname that Chris and Elise has affectionately given their developing fetus.  “How’s the little mochi today?”  “Good but I’m not sure she liked the milkshake I just ate.”  It is so sweet to see Chris and Elise talking about and to their baby.  I am so excited for these parents-to-be but even more so I am thankful that this little girl is going to have such thoughtful, intelligent, creative, funny (etc.) parents.  If there was a test that people had to take in order to demonstrate their qualifications for parenting (and at times I think there should be), Chris and Elise would be in the 100th percentile.  I do have my concerns though….concerns that this baby is going to come out of the womb knowing how to beat me at scrabble while making a quilt and doing a stand up comedy routine taking breaks only to show off her mad swing dancing skills.  Watch out world!

So here it is…a blog so that everyone can see what’s going on with little mochi and her folks.  Enjoy!

(For the site you have to type in a password…it’s “mochi” and the registry is under “Elise Pearson”)


Kate “mochi aunt” Whittaker


Mochi Pearson is on her way!

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19 weeksfirst father and daughter picture - 19 weeks

19 weekslittle mochi - 19 weeks

sonogram 19 weekssecond sonogram - 19 weeks

Week 1920 week bump

happy belly "wow mom" at 22 weeksregistering at target

flora and momthe family - week 22