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Uncle Ben March 23, 2009

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Mochi’s Uncle Ben has been couch surfing with us this week, having passed up Cancun, Vegas, and Ft. Lauderdale to spend his spring break in the most exciting place on Earth – our living room. And it gives me the excuse to post another picture of pregnant Elise. Hurray, Ben! (Elise’s belly looks so much smaller in pictures than it does in real life. What happened to the camera adding 20 pounds?)  uncleben3-22-09


Yes, there’s been progress… March 21, 2009

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Hmm…   Perhaps this was Chris’ way of tricking me into blog participation:  self defense!

There’s been a lot of progress made on the home organization front, but there’s not yet photographic evidence.  Last weekend we moved a desk, rebuilt and relocated a shelving unit, mounted our entertainment equipment on the wall, recut the legs on the bed (allowing us to finalize under-bed storage), and generally tidied.

It helped that there was a little more livable living space by the time Ben arrived on Wednesday for his Spring Break 🙂

Photo proof of progress will come, I promise!

And meanwhile, Mochi and I are growing apace…

~ Elise


If you can read this, send help… March 15, 2009

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morenesting3-15-09-001Elise’s nesting has reached the Crisis Point.  Governor Schwarzenegger has sent out the National Guard, but we can’t find them anymore. I made it to this laptop, but I’m buried under one of the piles of stuff in the living room.  I’ve survived thus far by eating  popcorn and Dorito crumbs scavenged from under the couch. Even Flora’s getting worried… morenesting3-15-09-0031 (Elise has made me promise that we’ll send an “after” picture, once everything is put away.)


San Diego March 9, 2009

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Elise and Mochi made their way down to San Diego to visit me (Aunt Kate).  All was well, we talked, we laughed, I got punched in the hand.  Yes, Mochi punched me for the first time!  Or maybe she kicked me…I’m not entirely sure.  I think it’s a pretty normal reaction considering the number of photos I made her (and Elise) sit for.  But really, if you can’t tell from the pictures, Elise looks amazing!  Would it be wrong for me to get knocked up just so that I can have that same glow?  Hmm…I would save tons of money on makeup…


Nesting March 7, 2009

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Elise has hit the “nesting” stage of pregnancy. For normal people, this means making room for the baby by organizing, tidying, and getting rid of stuff we’re not using. For Elise, “nesting” also involves power tools and a trip to the lumber yard. newbed-0011 She got plans from a site called “Instructibles,” which has designs for all kinds of easy-to-build, inexpensive home furnishings. Luckily, there weren’t instructions for a mattress, so we picked up a free one from craigslist. newbed-0061Flora was initially put off by the sound of the power drill, but seems to have adapted nicely to her new domain. Now Elise is headed down to San Diego to hang out with my sister for the weekend, and will no doubt return with more ideas.


Our baby sucks March 2, 2009

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Today, Elise and I went in for an ultrasound. (One more to go, in about two months.) Last time we went in, our daughter was attempting to shove her foot into her mouth (obviously taking after her father.) This time around, she exhibited a more “normal” baby activity.

(Special thanks to Mochi’s Aunt Kate. I couldn’t figure out how to upload the video, and she not only did it for me, but added music and credits.)

Also, a happy congratulations to Allen and Elaine, who are expecting their second child in early September. Owen and his younger sibling are lucky to have such amazing parents. In keeping with that theme, here’s a picture of our daughter’s older sibling: