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Diaper Lessons April 22, 2009

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About 18 years ago, Elise used to change her brother Ben’s diapers. (As you can see from the photo below, this must have been very difficult, since he’s over 6’1″. Or maybe he was smaller then.) I, on the other hand, have been blissfully ignorant of all things diaper. Until today, when Elise taught me how to properly attach a diaper to an infant-sized thing. Flora was unwilling to be a test baby, so I practiced on someone a little more cooperative. diaperlessons-003I rock at this.

Also, we had a lovely weekend in DC, met Mochi’s cousin Theo, went to Aunt Katie’s wedding, and we still owe you pictures of Elise’s baby shower and the new, improved living room. (You can see the floor!) But we’ve been busy, and only my mother wants daily pictures anyway. Love you, Mom!