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Due date, schmoo date… June 23, 2009

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Despite today being the “official” due date, and assurances from our midwife that our daughter was practically guaranteed to come early, Elise and I are a little surprised to find ourselves without a baby on today, June 23rd, 2009. Not that it’s entirely a bad thing. It gives us a little more time to get our apartment ready. (And by “we,” I mean “Elise,” who has really done an amazing, (almost) tireless job of finding things that need to be fixed/cleaned/organized and springing into action. Here’s Elise, still at work in the living room:ApartmentAfter

(Please note the existence of a floor.) Also, our bedroom even has a place for Mochi to sleep! ApartmentAfter2 003

(And, Elise has been complaining that this blog is full of pictures of her and none of me. I tried pointing out that this is Mochi’s blog, and right now Mochi is inside of Elise’s belly, but she’s having none of it. Here’s me in the comfy chair.) ApartmentAfter2 006So, there you go. Everybody but Flora. And Mochi. Due date. pfff…


Down to the wire June 11, 2009

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Looks like we’re entering the home stretch here… While we still feel remarkably unprepared for parenthood, if Mochi showed up right now she’d have a place to sleep and a car seat to ride in. Elise has even gone so far as to declare our apartment “Almost ready,” (though still not ready to be photographed.) Here’s a picture of Elise at our last ultrasound, instead:AlmostThere 001Ain’t she cute?