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More pictures to come… July 27, 2009

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Week Two: Grandparents Mandel Meet Hazel July 17, 2009

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Hazel tMandelsandHazelurned two weeks old yesterday (not three weeks, as my mom said in her last comment.Keep in mind, she’s trying to guilt me into posting pictures by making it look like more time has passed. It won’t work, Mom.)

Judy and Larry arrived on Sunday. Introductions were made, and everybody seems to get along swimmingly.

JudyandHazelLarryand Hazel2

We ran a bunch of errands, including visiting Dr. Wu, the doctor at Glendale Adventist Hospital that ended up delivering Hazel. (At some point I’ll get around to telling the birth story on this blog. Not today, though)


We were so lucky to get Dr. Wu. He was calm, kind, and gentle with Elise and Hazel. He also accused Elise of being part Chinese, since she dealt with pain so well.


Larry also met our pediatrician, and was glad to know that Hazel is being looked after by a devoted Cubs fan. Other than that, not too much to report. Hazel is gaining weight like crazy (she was up to 8 lbs, 14oz as of Monday, so she’s probably over 9 pounds by now.) Elise and I are settling in at home, thinking nice thoughts back at all the people who have sent good wishes our way. (And trying to figure out the whole “being parents” thing.) Anyway, here are some more pictures to keep my mom happy. 🙂




(The person in the “Pizza Fusion” shirt is the aforementioned wonderful friend and dula, Jane.) We’ve already had a lot of nicknames for our daughter. The ones that seem to stick are Hazelnut and H.M. Pearson, (or occasionally, just “Her Majesty.”)KeepCalmStarTrekOnesie3




Has it been a week already? July 9, 2009

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Hazel was born a week ago today. She celebrated last night by losing her belly button (I’m glad it happened while Elise was changing her, and not me. I’ve done pretty well adjusting, but I draw the line at pieces falling off my baby. Even when they’re supposed to.) My sister left on Sunday, and I can’t overstate how much she helped us out in the first couple of days. If you’re thinking of having a baby, I’d recommend getting yourself a Kate. 🙂

In the meantime, Hazel continues to roll out the latest fashions, including some sleepgowns that Elise made from some of my old T-shirts:


At first, Flora didn’t know what to think of the new addition to the family, but after a day or so, her attitude went from “What is this thing you’ve brought into my house?” to that of self-appointed guardian. When Hazel cries, Flora immediately rushes in to investigate and lick Hazel’s foot or head. After checking with a pediatrician about dog saliva and newborns, we relaxed and now find it very sweet.  And we’ve noticed that she tends to sit closer to us when we’re holding the baby.HazelFloraHazelWeekOne 020

Here’s a picture from this morning. Hazel enjoys taking naps with Elise.


And so does Flora.



Introducing Hazel July 5, 2009

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Hazel Marina Pearson was born at 11:40am on July 2nd, 2009. For those handicapping the baby fights, she weighed 8 pounds, 1 ounce and was 21 inches long. She is beautiful and strong, like her mother.

elise and hazel 011

She is very good at eating and sleeping, and has prehensile toes, which she gets from her father.

baby hazel part II 056

The labor was on the long side, and difficult, but everybody is home now, happy and healthy. There’s no way to describe how amazing Elise was through the labor, but I’ll try and tell the story sometime soon. In the meantime, we have my sister Kate staying with us, helping out in a million different ways. She took most of the pictures of the birth and afterwards, since the rest of us had a lot on our respective plates, but I think I took a pretty good photo of Kate and her neice.Additional thanks to our wonderful friend and dula, Jane, for her assistance and support. More later. 🙂

baby hazel 025


A few pictures

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