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12 weeks old… September 24, 2009

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…and still pretty adorable! (No parental bias here, of course.) Which reminds me of a joke:

A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver sees the infant and bursts into laughter.

“Lady,” he says, “That’s the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen.”

Needless to say, this offends the woman greatly. She stomps to the back of the bus in a huff. She rides in silence, stewing. Finally the kindly old gentleman sitting next to her notices her distress and asks if there’s something wrong.

“There most certainly is,” she says, “The bus driver just insulted me!”

“Well, that’s just terrible!” the man cries out, “You don’t have to take that! You go and give him a piece of your mind. Don’t worry, I’ll hold your monkey for you.”

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Heat, visitors, and some new pictures September 13, 2009

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Since the last update, we’ve had some fires, a wicked heat wave, and plenty of new people for Hazel to meet. First Ryan and Renee came up from “The OC.” Ryan brought his camera, and took some very nice pictures with it. But don’t take my word for it:

RyanPics 003RyanPics 021

Then it was down to San Diego to visit Kate and see Billy, who was in town briefly on business. We got back on Thursday, and on Friday, the only person we know with a PhD in Tuba came over from Flagstaff for a visit. (We have some pictures of Billy, which we haven’t uploaded to our computer yet, but sadly we were having such a nice time with Alex we forgot to photograph him holding Hazel. Oh, well…

Next week, Allan flies in from New York. We’ve learned from our mistake, and will be sure to have the camera on hand! (Ryan, thanks for the photos!)


Hooray! September 6, 2009

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On September 1st, our great friends Allen and Elaine welcomed a daughter into their family. Nora was a very healthy weight (8 pounds, 14 ounces!), and they mentioned that she was quite the kicker while in utero. (I wonder if girls tend to kick more than boys?) Anyway, congrats to them and their oldest, Owen. Can’t wait to introduce Hazel and Nora. I’m sure they’ll be fast friends. 🙂


Two new videos for Mom September 5, 2009

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First, there is Hazel’s “Smile Button.”  (We discovered it helps to calibrate it with an imaginary dial on her tummy.) Like most new parents, once I realize I can do something that will make my daughter smile, it’s getting done long after a sane person would have stopped. 

Also, Mom has requested more “conversations” so here’s one, also from this morning: