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Lessons in sportsmanship October 26, 2009

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By now, tales have spread far and wide about the ongoing battles between Hazel and her stuffed toy, Blue Dog. The latest bout happened this morning, and, we’re sorry to say, had to be ruled in favor of Blue Dog due to some Mike Tyson-inspired tactics on Hazel’s part.

(I believe in most organized sports, it’s still illegal to bite the face of one’s opponent. On the other hand, my grandmother plays a mean type of Bridge where that happens all the time.)


We also had another visitor, our friend Kim, fly in from San Francisco for the weekend. Naturally we took the opportunity to photograph her with Hazel.


Kim and Hazel


Note to the weak of stomach: Please do not read the rest of this post.


Okay, now that they’re gone, I’ll tell you something that has me weirded out. I mentioned that last week Hazel had a cold. Our pediatrician gave us a squeeze-bulb thing to suck the snot out of  her nose. Okay, fine, makes sense. Plus, I had seen our friends Allen and Elaine do it to Owen when he was a baby. Our pediatrician also told us to “squirt a little breast milk up there” before suctioning.


While it would be inappropriate for me to surreptitiously film Elise hunched over Hazel, trying to squirt milk up her nose, can I just say that it’s both weird and hilarious? Other peoples’ difficulties are always the funniest.

Then, in an attempt to seem like responsible parents, Elise and I went in for the H1N1 vaccine. Turns out there are two methods of delivery. The shot, which we’re all familiar with, and the type they had at our doctors office, where they stick a plastic syringe up your nose and fire off whatever it is right into your sinuses. So, serves me right for laughing about the breast milk thing, doesn’t it?

It seemed more invasive than a straight-up injection, due to the novelty of the method. I’m sure if I took vitamins nasally every day, I wouldn’t be weirded out by it. But I don’t, and I am. I just hope it’s a real vaccine, and not a practical joke they’re doing for a hidden-camera  show.


Oh, and… October 18, 2009

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…get ready for December, when Grammy Pearson will be temporarily taking over all Hazel-blogging responsibilities during our visit back to the DC area!


Lots of pictures

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It’s been quite the couple of weeks since last we posted. It’s been frantic, but fun. First, our friends Katy and Jay got hitched, and Elise and Hazel got all dolled up for their wedding. Lovely ladies!(Congrats and good luck to Katy and Jay. Getting married is a total pain, but we recommend it anyway.) After that, Autn Marin and Cousin Amanda came to Los Angeles for a visit.

Aunt Marin, Hazel Marina Amanda and Hazel Marin, Hazel, Amanda

Everyone seemed to get along, and a good time was had by all. 🙂 Then, it was off to Chicago. Hazel was an excellent passenger, only crying briefly and sleeping through takeoff and landing. Getting her through security wasn’t as bad as we had feared, either. We just put her on one of those little trays and sent her through the X-ray machine with our laptops. Security

They wouldn’t let us check her as baggage, though. While getting on a plane with a baby is a whole new set of hassles, once we got to the gate, we had time for a quick nap.

Always time for a nap

Hazel had a meltdown her first night in Chicago (with all that travel, time change, and being strapped into a car seat, we don’t blame her!) We stayed with Hazel’s Great-Grandma Mandel for the first few days,  and with Aunt Lenore while Elise was going through her O&P orientation at Northwestern.

Hazel and Grandma ButtercupHazel and Lenore

Of course, Chicago is a little cooler than Los Angeles, and we had to bundle up.Brrr...

Hazel felt rain for the first time in her life, and Elise and I really enjoyed the colder temperature. I had a slight cold for the first few days, and Hazel started snurfling towards the end of our trip. Luckily, we also had a beautiful quilt from Aunt Spam to keep us warm.


We flew home yesterday without incident, and slept very well. In other important news, Hazel has discovered her feet!Eureka! Feet!

So, that’s all the news from here. Just for my mom, I’ll end this post with a “conversation” from this morning.