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Flora Goes East December 6, 2009

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…and to grandmother’s house she goes!  …but what’s this stuff????


Thanksgiving, rolling over, zombie noises, and moving December 2, 2009

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Okay, so first we had Ben with us for a very enjoyable Thanksgiving. We went over to our friends, the Brodys’, and a good time was had by all. Ben and Hazel hit it off, like we knew they would. 🙂 (Though we were worried. as Hazel has started to differentiate between “Mom/Dad” and “Other.” We discovered this when Hazel took an immediate dislike to our friend Kenneth, who was visiting from Washington. Do they make a “Sorry my baby hates you” card?) Anyway, since then, she needs to familiarize herself with someone from afar before allowing herself to be handed off to them.

She’s also learned a new trick!

We’ve also been trying to pack everything we own and put it into storage for our extended trip back to NoVa. (We’ll be there between one and four months, then on to Chicago in April for Elise’s school, then back to L.A. in July.) We invited our friends over to help us get started, and people came from faraway places like Korea(town) and Manhattan (Beach). Alex drove through on his way from Oakland to Flagstaff, and stopped for a couple hours to help us  pack and hold Hazel. So, we finally got a picture of our favorite Doctor of Tuba with our favorite daughter.

They say it's good luck to let a Latvian tuba player hold your baby...

Hazel didn’t have a problem with all the strangers and noise, in fact she relaxed enough to crash out on our friend, Michelle. There are actually three people in this picture, but one's in Mish's belly.

When our friends Brian and Johanna took our shelf apart, it looked like a Christmas tree. Sort of.

Happy Holiday from Home Depot!

And finally, in addition to the adorable squeaks, giggles, and gurgles, Hazel has begun making some scary noises, especially first thing in the morning when I’m half asleep. 🙂