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Grammy Post – Happy Birthday Chris! January 30, 2010

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It’s not enough that I gave birth to him in the first place, made a cake (forgetting the butter after the batter had been in the oven for 5 minutes…it may be a little weird), brought snow to make the day special (precluding his friends from a night of pizza and awful movies)…it’s MY turn to post something!  Well!  Since Christmas, we continue to adore every little thing that HM does…rolling over, sitting up (and staying that way!), making amazing and wonderful noises, doing the “wiggle” (she’ll be crawling soon!) up on all fours…magic!!! 

Hazel's new high chair

Chip came to visit!

Sitting UP!!

Getting ready to crawl!

Out in the ccccold!!

We continue to be impressed by Hazel’s parents…so much thoughfulness, patience, love and laughter…what a lucky girl!  And what a joy to have had this time with all of them!


Tim’s back January 23, 2010

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My brother is back in Florida now, with Hazel’s cousins Sammy and Gino. He flew in with a group of kids from the orphanage, and (as their temporary guardian) waited with them while their new parents picked them up.

In the midst of such a staggering tragedy, I’m glad that he was able to make it to Haiti and help where he could. I read today that they’re estimating over 100,000 deaths from the earthquake. While it’s hard to see anything but the enormity of the destruction, it’s good to know that there are people like Tim doing what they can to help the survivors.

A group of kids got to their new homes yesterday, in large part because of my brother.


First food! January 20, 2010

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The video runs a little long, but Hazel seems to have taken to solid food quite nicely. We’ll be feeding her one “meal” a day for a week, then more. We started her off with iron-fortified rice cereal. Soon, avocados, bananas, and pears! Oh, my.


My brother… January 17, 2010

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My brother Tim landed in Haiti today. For those of you who don’t know him, he’s a firefighter/paramedic in the Tampa, FL area. He arrived on a flight that was carrying medical personnel and equipment. While it wouldn’t surprise anyone who knows Tim that he would want to get involved and help wherever he could, his reason for going to Haiti today is much more personal.

Tim and Jen are in the process of adopting two boys from Haiti. Their names are Sammy and Gino. They weren’t injured in the quake, thank goodness, and we’re all glad Tim was able to make it down there to be with them.

I’m very proud of my brother, and hope he’ll be able to bring Hazel’s cousins home soon.


First toof, first Christmas, first cousins… January 1, 2010

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Since Grammy is seeing Hazel every day now, she has stopped reminding (hounding)  me to update this blog on a regular basis. In her words, “Gosh, now that Hazel is here, I don’t care about the blog at all.” 🙂

Nonetheless, for all (both?) of the Hazel-blog readers who don’t live in the DC area, here’s what’s been going on.

Hazel got her first tooth on December 9th, the day before we got on the plane for DC. We’ve heard stories of babies running fevers and generally being miserable before getting a tooth, but with Hazel, she just had a tooth one day. (We’re learning that teaching her to sleep has not been nearly so painless, but more on that later. I’ve been trying to get a good picture of the tooth, but it’s proven difficult. This is the only photographic evidence of said tooth, and it’s a little blurry.


Not quite so bad as the Loch Ness Monster pictures, but still…

Hazel has met lots of people for the first time, including her great-grandmother Moppa.

And her first cousins on both sides of the family. Tim and Jen made the drive up from Florida with Zoe and Addie (and their two Yorkies. In a VW Bug.  Probably winning some kind of bet at the firehouse.)

Hazel also met her cousin Theo, who is a couple months older,  and has more teeth and more hair. Elise and Jenny swapped babies, but traded back after a while.

It was a great holiday for family. Grandfolks Mandel flew in from Amman, and Uncle Ben flew in from Olympia for the holidays.

Strangely enough, Ben isn’t wearing a holiday-specific outfit. He just showed up in an elf costume and refused to change it the entire time he was here. Anyway, Hazel had a wonderful Christmas, surrounded by family and friends, and while she seemed more interested in trying to eat wrapping paper, we’re sure she appreciated the festivities.

Now, were on Day One of sleep training. While the most wonderful baby we’ve ever met, Hazel has yet to start sleeping through the night. And while she is happy and friendly the next morning, Elise and I have not held up nearly so well. (We are, however, genuinely happy for those friends of ours whose babies sleep through the night almost immediately. And we’re pretty sure Elise was kidding when she tried to bite your noses off.)

Tonight, we’re implementing the “Sleepeasy Solution,” which sounds like a Sherlock Holmes mystery, but is in fact a method for teaching babies to self-soothe. Sort of halfway between “Cry it Out” and “Helicopter Parents.” It’s tough, but after about an hour of crying, Hazel fell asleep and seems to be doing well. Each successive night is supposed to get easier. We’ll see… In the meantime, here are a few more pictures.

Also, a big congrats to our friends Will and Annika, who welcomed their daughter Grace “the Goblin Princess” into their family.) Happy New Year! !