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Hello again! May 25, 2010

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Long time, no updates, I know… We’ve been pretty busy here. I’ve been back in L.A. for almost two months now, and Elise and Hazel joined me about a month ago. It was really hard to be away from them for that long, especially since while I was gone, Hazel started pulling herself up to a standing position, and saying “Mama.” I was pretty convinced her next word would be “Papa,” but with air quotes and a sarcastic eye roll.  Happily, she seemed to recognize me at the airport, and grabbed onto my shirt, hands, and face the whole way home. It’s nice to feel needed. 🙂

The short version of what we’re up to: The new job is a lot of fun so far,our apartment is mostly unpacked, thanks to tireless efforts by Elise and Hazel (who likes taking stuff out of boxes and throwing it on the floor.) Pretty soon, Elise will be spending a couple of days a week at a prosthetics facility, getting her clinical hours in preparation for the on-site in September. (Don’t ask how we’re going to work that out, we have no idea.) And basically, everyone’s happy and healthy, and maybe a little tired…

I was going to post the new baby trick, where Hazel holds onto my hands and does a drunken-pirate walk across the floor, but I can’t seem to upload videos. So instead, I took a bunch of pictures of Hazel having breakfast.  More photos on the way, Mom, I promise.