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Life in LA… in words August 5, 2010

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Hello!  Mom Pearson is right — there hasn’t been a post in far too long.

Hazel is quite the confident walker now, though no, she hasn’t tackled any marathons yet.  You’ll have to imagine her walking to and fro…   This is Elise at the keyboard, and I don’t know how to insert a video!

Life’s been busy for us.  Chris is in crunch mode on the writing, I’m sorting out details for Chicago and tackling the school books once again.  Flora is holding down our beds and couches for us between walks around the neighborhood, and Hazel is walking and communicating up a storm.

Without a visual, I thought I’d share some of our daily soundtrack.  It seems like Hazel is learning more words and signs each day!  Some of the ones we hear on a daily basis include:



all done

book / again


car car (or is this caw caw, the sound of some of the birds we see out walking?  Either way, this phrase has come to mean “outside” because both cars and birds are found outside)




dog (can be used as “animal” since cats and squirrels sometimes count as dogs)

And when words don’t suffice there are trills and bubbles and mouth noises galore.  We have quite a communicator living and growing with us!

More to come by video sometime soon, I promise.

p.s.  Oops!  Didn’t mean to mislead — we don’t yet “hear” all those words.  We hear ball, car car, mama and papa, and sometimes book.  The rest are signs!

dog (can be used as “animal” since cats and squirrels sometimes count as dogs)